Character Sketches

Same ol' principles, policies, and limitations as my other commissions. No copyrighted fanart kinda stuff. No hateful things or excessive gore. Adult works limited to nudity and consensual vanilla NSFW. Sales and discounts also don't apply to these things 'cause they're pretty cheap as is. No CD either. Emotie: =P


  • $5 - Shaded Pencil Sketch
  • $10 - Shaded Pencil Drawing
  • $15 - Coloured Pencil Drawing, with Inked Outlines


  • 4x6 inch cards
  • graphite pencil
  • coloured pencils
  • pen
  • digital color overlay (digital copy of graphite pencil works)
Turn-around Time
  • 30-90 minutes to draw, thus potentially same day turn out
  • meant to be completed in one sitting
  • 1-3 minor tweaks allowed
  • headshot, bust, or full body
  • simple or semi-complex background included if desired
  • limit 2 characters/subjects per card
  • line work with bold outlines
  • basic shadows
  • sketch: no advanced shading or tones
  • drawing: full shading

Will and Won't Draw...

Will draw...
  • humans and "anthros"
  • any animal (mammals, bird, reptiles, fish, amphibians, any animal)
  • fantasy and unique species (unicorn, grindylow, custom species)
  • mecha and machinery
  • nudes and erotica, mostly vanilla
Will NOT draw...
  • copyrighted characters or celebrities (i.e., Simba, Patrick Stewart)
  • graphic violence, gore, torture, cruelty
  • most fetish erotica (children, non-consensual, vore, excretions, and others)
  • view full policies page


Digital Copies Sent
  • 96dpi (384x576 px) [pre-payment teaser]
  • 150dpi (600x900 px)
  • 300dpi (1200x1800 px)
If you want the original...
  • +$1 S&H for USA residents
  • +$2 S&H for non-USA residents
  • envelope sent first class through the United States Post Office
  • multiple cards can be placed in one envelope
Contact me at...