I accept...

If you choose to send me a check, money order, or cash, please bear in mind that I do not ship or release large resolutions until payment has arrived and cleared.

If a check bounces, I have the standard $35 fee, because the bank will charge me $35 for a bad deposit.

Unfamiliar with Paypal?

If you are unfamiliar with Paypal, there are three ways to send money.

  1. The first way, and the way Paypal strongly urges/demands, is for me to send an invoice through Paypal to your email address or phone number tied to your Paypal account. I prefer invoices. Should I get a buyer that bails on me or should a tornado take me away to Oz (Alabama gets a lot of tornadoes), then the invoice is there to show the deal was legit and generally make the legal end of things much simpler.

  2. The second way is to click on the Send Money tab and then click on Pay For Goods Or Services. You enter a person's email address or phone number, the amount you wish to send, and then the shipping address if you're expecting something physically delivered to you. You can use your Paypal balance, a debit card, a credit card, a prepaid card, and even a check. Whether it's me or another seller, always select Goods/Services and not Money/Friends when you're buying stuff. If you get a bad seller who runs off with your money, it will be very difficult to get Paypal to give you a refund if you chose Money/Friends.

  3. The third way is if the seller has buttons on the website. Paypal has an option to pay for the items in your virtual shopping cart usting a prepaid card, a debit card, or credit card.

I do not see any of your financial information when you use Paypal. All I am given from Paypal is a name, address, an email address or phone number, and a note if the payment was instant or a check. I have no idea if you specifically used a credit or debit card or money on your Paypal account, much less what numbers were on the card or the routing and account numbers of the check, or the issuing company of the cards or check.

In this series...

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Not quite sure what you want? Here are some things to consider when deciding upon a drawing, such as camera angle, background, and optional themes.
Pricing, Sizes, and Turn Around Time
A guide to the cost of the different sizes and mediums, along with estimated time of completion. I have a page for rough estimates if you would like a quick ballpark figure.
The accepted payment methods and a few guides to some of them.
Cancellations, returns, refunds, limitations, and rights of the artist and buyer.
What past buyers have had to say.
Frequently Asked Questions
If you don't find an answer here, feel free to contact me!