Pencil drawings have a timeless and classic look to them that make them great for birthdays, weddings, graduations, memorials, and any occasion. A handmade pencil drawing is a thoughtful gift to show you care, or even to treat yourself with. I have drawn people, pets, buildings, and I've even had requests to turn people into fantasy beings like trolls and mermaids.

Orders are accepted year 'round on my site and through my Etsy shop. The original drawings are your choice of pencil, colored pencil, or even digital and tradigital (traditional pencil or ink on paper that is scanned in and colored on the computer). Portraits and landscapes are created from photographs the buyer supplies, along with any requests in changes such as changing clothing, modifying a hairstyle, or removing or adding background items. Every order includes on CD a high resolution scan of the drawing, along with a few bonuses. I can include in-progress scans as well if you wish!

I do not yet provide frames or matting so as to save us both on postage and packing materials, but I could do some matting and framing by request for an appropriate charge. I also recommend PictureFrames.com.

What I offer...

  • Excellent customer service. I don't want to ship unless I know you are happy with your order.
  • Reliability. In business since 2010 and will reply to any email I possibly can and as quickly as I can.
  • Flexibility. There is very little I won't try to do with your drawing, such as combining elements from multiple photographs.
  • Easy payment with Paypal.
  • Free price estimates and no-obligation consultations.


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