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Does a loved one have a special occasion coming up and you would like to surprise them with a piece of art? Would you like some artwork of your favorite animal or mythical creature? Would you like to be drawn as a fantasy being? I'm here to give you a hand with whatever it is that you want or need.

I draw with pencils and I can do some digital work. My coloring is usually done digitally, but I can also do a bit with colored pencils.

Please click here if you're more interested in prints of works I've already made.

The Process

Gathering Information

Digital or Traditional?
What size?
How many figures?
What do they look like?
Setting or background?
Is this a rush order?

For drawings of people or pets, please send me at least 2-3 reference photos with good angles. I can work from just one, but I prefer to have a good base.

And please do not send anything below 1000px*1000px for a 9"x12" or larger. It is much too small for me to work from and have any level of accuracy on the details.

I can also do technical drawings such as cars or buildings.

Do not feel guilty about asking for changes!
Tweaks and adjustments are normal parts of the art process. It's okay to ask for them and I am very patient.


I accept Paypal and I take checks. If you choose to send me a check, please bear in mind that I do not ship or release large resolutions until payment has cleared.

If you prefer a more secure platform, visit my profile on Artists&Clients, Etsy, or eBay


Traditional artwork is sent through the United States Post Office in a padded and reinforced envelope, along with a CD containing digital copies of the artwork in various resolutions and sizes.

If you do not want the original traditional work, I can provide a high-resolution digital copy for download.


The 4"x6" and 5"x7" usually take 3-7 days to complete.

The 8"x10" and 9"x12" usually take 5-14 days to complete.

The 11"x14" and 14"x17" usually take 10-21 days to complete.


I'm fairly easy-going and enjoy bringing people's ideas to life. But there are some things that I just will not do.

• I will not draw graphic blood, gore, violence, torture, or animal cruelty.
• I will not draw erotic art of certain fetishes. (Kids, critters, non-consensual, violence, etc.)
• I will not draw hateful content. If you have a problem with a gender, religion, etc., keep me out of it.


I start sketching and send it for review and possible tweaks.



Now that the basics are good, I start to flesh it out.



If you wanted the drawing colored, I do that next, and we're done. Ta-dah!

My Rights

• I reserve the right to refuse to do a commission.
• I reserve the right to display the commission in my gallery, portfolio, and on my website unless otherwise agreed upon with the patron.
• The patron cannot resell the commission to anybody else.
• If the patron refuses to pay me after I complete the commission, I reserve the right to use the work as advertising where I see fit.

Your Rights

• The patron can display their commission in their gallery so long as it is not altered in any way and is credited back to me.
• The patron can use the commission as an icon or avatar wherever they wish.
• I cannot sell the commission to anybody but the patron.
• All forms of use in the home are permitted, such as wall art, coffee mugs, and throw pillows.

By commissioning me, you agree to these terms.

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